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This bmx file should be loaded at 48 kHz samplerate.I guess,there will be no issues with the machines like before. Hope there is no problem to switch between samplerates with your setup...
Buzz module (BMX/BMW)
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This work is released under Creative Commons
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  • I've played it seems good but as I use Asio4all I cant have 48khz samplerate directly. But the Asio4all control panel have a function to "Always resample 44.1kHz <->48kHz so I suppose it works Uplaod the mp3 that way we can compare ? Thanks! (Kool song by the way).
  • thanks Mag
  • my buzz crashes while opening the song. [Densitymk.dll is not found. Looks like an VST. Because mag can open it, I suppose that its my damned old patternxpmod problem. Sorry for that, to lazy.]  I like that song though very much. Its a real temporal song, not packed with lot of notes.
  • DensitymkII you can download from: varietyofsound.wordpress.com site.They are 100% working VST effects plugins.I dont know about pattern XP .I can load my old bmx files with no lost notes...Thanx HF
  • ah yes, have found mkii on my SSD. Now I can load the song. Forget about the xp prob. I like that you  don't use to many notes