Without a Daughter

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I was thinking to upload this,but I decided yes.My daughter was attacked with infected tick about May(?).She had Lyme disease.Her body starts to be unstable after two months .She wasn't able to walk normally,I was very afraid of her.Now she is OK,after 25days in hospital ,she is back home.Be carefull about this fuc.ing small animals,if you have it in your country..
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  • Happy to learn that now she's ok... I hope for you that this is behind you now and that all will be back to normal life. 
  • Thank you magmavander.
  • Now the music
    Another gem. To me you have an "Indian" feel in your music. Groovy bass and drums. Cool melodic work. Yeah!
  • Держись, Любомир. Всё будет хорошо. Дочке скорейшего выздоровления. У нас на Украине этих гадов тоже полно... 
  • Magmavander : ,,now the music''..Yes ,enough about my problems ,everybody have some..
    Thanks about song,this theme is older too.
    I tried to use mainly Buzz generators.For some drums I used VST plugin Xpand-there are some drum loops.For the flutes I used 'Bigyo Wood One'.Melody :Ultra6Lite,Infector ofcourse ,HD Percussive FM,Synthrom´s sinus ,etc.Every effect is all native buzz.Your setups and thOke´s are perfectly sophisticated!

    Ottimista : Thank you Oleg.She is OK now for this time,I hope disease will not return in her blood...
    There are much more of these insects last years here too(Slovakia),hmmm maybe causing climatic changes,who knows..We have to save our planet!