Amour propre (basic metal ideas)

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alright ... i imported some guitarish sounds from an old patternman track and replaced the drums with a loop (does not fit perfectly and no variations yet) ... the beginning is a little 'th0kish' harmonically and still needs some changes ... anyway ... just to give you an impression ... (6th attempt to upload it - first five gave an error address)
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  • finally uploading worked !!
  • mag
    I like the new way taken by the song. As always you're very fast AND very good
  • Svami snoomi
    o great maestro you here again ) Oommmmm
  • thx mag ... and whooohooo .... evercool svami still around !!!! Ommmmm, of course
  • schröder
    Did I ever tell you, that the emulating things you do with the M4wll are sooooo great?!?! I remember once upon a time there has been a saxophon you did with this machine ... ... cool! Btw. first your mix reminds me on Rammstein. Later it has something from Depeche Modes "Never Let Me Down Again"
  • well ... no bad references
  • schröder
    ... at least the reference Depeche Mode! The concert in Bremen has been so f*****g goooooood!! :o)