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After playing with Doof for someone at buzz forums i was inspired and combined it with another snippet i made today. Includes the old psidrum with a linndrum kit and some harmonic oddities. Anyway ... i liked it enough to upload it here.

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  • Believe it or not, my  hyperintelligent Buzz says that I miss Automaton Compressor. Do you have your Spendierhosen an and are you willing to put a Link on the comp for download? That would be definately cool!
  • I tried every trick, l'm not able to get a working automaton comp. Buzz always says it is missing. None of the versions I have or you Can Download from robotplanet works. So what have you done with this machine?
  • Hey Buzztler!
    "Automaton Compressor2.dll" is actually version 1.1 you can find here: ...
    I fear you have to rename the dll manually and copy it to the effects folder if you want to load the bmx. (i should have checked that, but wasn't aware of the problem yet!)
  • Thank you very much thOke, I'll rename it and then it will work as the author has expected it , btw. feel free and be the first to send a track for my radioshow (more about it at in the forum music section) ...