Just A Simple Little Theme 03 (original by MV & TS)

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thOke & Temporalsounds
Changed the rhythm a little bit ... and some other smaller changes. Collab with TS because he was the previous jammer. Original by Magmavander!
Buzz module (BMX/BMW)
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This work is released under Creative Commons
Attribution Non-commercial Share Alike (by-nc-sa)

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  • I guess it sounds good, BUT in my buzzsetup I 1st: miss: LD auricula2 and KatanaHiLoPass 2Can Simeone Help with a Download-link please, it can be skinned machines ... 2nd: I First get something like a noiseburst and then drums and girl Crash, which means Unwieldy Tracker is shown as crashed.This happens önly of I have Multithreading in the Settings enabled ... I once had also a Problem with a drum machine, also caused by Multithreading ...
  • Hi Buzztler .I disabled multithreading in gear_defaults.xml file for extra machines. Matilde tracker 3 disabled in this file  and UnwieldyTracker 2 Fuzzpilz too.
  • Try this tinga's site to find some missing machines http://zabumba.free.fr/generative/buzz.html
  • @Temporalsounds: Thank you for your explanations, I already downloaded Tinga's fantastic machine collections. I just added the machines, when needed, but I had forgotten to look into the packs right now. Furthermore I checked out the link you habe posted here, but it seems as if there is only a Textfile and no zipped archive anymore ... did we miss something ...?! Finally thank you again ...
  • I can download zipped file 7z,,you can open with great 7zip app for free ?? https://www.7-zip.org
  • I can send you  the dll if you want. Did the "monolith" email still valid ?
  • @ TS: Alright that you can download, I just get a txt-file shown, perhaps 'cause I use a smartphone ... I know 7zip and it is a fine program@ Mag: I have downloaded the packages by Tinga already - a long time ago - and I have used the machines now, everything works fine now ... but the Mail is still valid, thank you for your proposal ...