TicTac Never Stops 02 (magma and thOke)

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some adds

BTW why did I have to replace the VKR to make it work on my buzz installation.
It uses the same dll, afaik. Your bmxes say it's missing, while it's not.
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  • you were faster  ... coool
    ... hm, i also have a "Zephod And Thevider  Vkr Granular2.dll" that i probably used, because the dll had a newer date (although i am not sure, if it is different from the other one). You could try to make a copy of your dll and rename it, but i will use the 'original' in the next jam session !
  • Yes, I did some more work after uploading. I'll wait a little now.
    Magma made a very nice jam-start.
    btw the bass is in this package: http://www.adrive.com/public/A4YGe2/bass.zip
    for those who don't know.
    I always thought there was only one version of the vkr.
  • mmmm... I have the vkr missing. I have the dll in my gen folder but seems to be latest version called VKR3, which works, it misses what seems to be an earlier version.
    Same for the kibibu stereo gain, I have only the (alt) version. Can you share these dlls ?
    Even with missing machines what I listened here was real great work ThanXXX!!!

  • http://www.adrive.com/public/ejAnbK/Zephod and Thevider VKR granular.zip

    I was missing the "not alt version" some time ago too (it's also in the zip).
    Hope these are the right files.
  • i hope the last version of the session now works for all participants.
    btw: thanks for the bass sample pack ... sounds great !