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Hi, I made this short piece with some glitchy sounds with the help of tic-tac shut up's abuffer (it's difficult to control it).

Tic-Tac Shut Up made tracks that I like a very lot and you can listen to it here. Listen to the end of his track "blood test", but I don't know if he used his abuffer, which he coded, or that abuffer was a product to make similar effects. Anyway, I love his tracks, even though it's many years ago.

The glitchy abuffer-stuff in my track is there at 1:22, it was fun....
abuffer was there at output: abuffer->limiter->master.

Thanks for listening.
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  • Love this track. Great work. BuzzTunes is getting better and better.
  • Superb! As always, a very strong atmosphere, it grabs you immediately. What else did you use apart from tictac shut up ? All sounds VERY good!
  • Man, that rocks! What a nice example of skilled gear programming. 9 from me.
  • Thanks guys,

    @magmavander: about the abuffer part which is exactly between 1:23 and 1:56 only abuffer and some note changes from the flute is happening that make changes to the original loop wich i started working with in the beginning.

    For the rest of the song I used jzcomp version 4 to make the (over)compression on the drums+bass(with delay)+guitar. The intro sound(with high feedback delay), the flute, and lfo filtered sound are samples that are not compressed by jzcomp 4.

    all sound goes to abuffer and after that to joachims limiter, just to make it louder without clipping.

    (happy buzzing, though not as often as i did a long time ago..
  • Just got around to listening to this. The glitch effects fit in PERFECTLY and totally belong! Sometimes I find they're way overdone and take over the rest of the piece but not here, this is great. Nice & groovy.