Deep Calculations (BMR Compo) BMX

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Only works in Buze 0.4 sorry.
Buzz module (BMX/BMW)
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  • Its nice, sometimes i don't seem to follow the rythm though... Are you allowed to use samples in this Compo?
  • nope and I made all the drumlike sounds with the Green Milk go to BMR and look at the entry for "first Compo"
  • Impressive work ! I really love it. Very nice mood. It's amazing what Green Milk can do (or what you can do with it).
  • I hope I'm not the only one that will enter this Compo. Is anyone else going to compete?
  • some nice milk-fu in here...
  • thanx kibibu! Much respect to your coder-fu
  • zeffii
    i'm certainly going to compete but i wont allowed myself to listen to this song untill i have mine entered, i beleive we have till the 21 of june ?
  • I forgot to tell you guys not to vote on it tell all the entries are in anyway
  • Superb! I like the melodic work here
  • verry nice, man! strong, pleasant stuff.
  • This is possibly the best tune in the compo imo. Really good composition, great arrangements, relevant use of the Green Milk's features and well-balanced mix, with no clash in the frequency spectrum and a good dispersion of sounds in the stereo field. Nice work !