Quasar 2015 House mix version

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Progressive House
I improved the sound further.  Not much has changed really other than fixing some mixing mistakes.  I make lots and lots of mistakes due to ear fatigue so be careful and have a fresh listen to your tracks at least 12-24 hours later to accurately gauge levels.   

For those interested in mixing mistakes and how to avoid them here is a list of technical changes to the track. 

1: Kick too loud in comparison to rest of track (this is the number one reason for loss of definition and power to the track as a whole
2: changed the decay envelope of kick and the sample itself was too punchy on the high frequencies.  I chose a softer kick with a rounded high end with a slight click rather than a smashed Hat cymbal.  
3. Filtered down the loop in the beginning to only contain lower freq. content
4. added some new percussion on top tuned carefully to the key I used in the track.  

5.  All percussion in the track with low content is tuned with a spectral analyzer to the musical key.  Either use one that tells you the Note to freq conversion or get a chart. (trick used by most professional producers)
6.  brought in the Chord Pads earlier and more often.  The mix is more lush due to this I believe.  
7. added a few new pitch envelopes to the Arp riff throughout the track. 
8. General broad stroke Linear Phase EQing of the entire track. and a high quality Fabfilter Limiter to push the signal hot without losing my dynamics. 

That is about it.  I hope someone can learn something from my mistakes.  

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  • Its good to make mistakes, not only do you learn from them. But also sometimes a mistake in a mix can open up new ideas and well.. just work...
  • I love that bass drum, I think it fits the track more better. The mastering sounds great! gota love fabfilter, I been useing it too.