BuzzTunes.org website

Greetings to the community! Buzztunes is finally launched. The idea behind was to re-fresh the codebase, change the design and rent a shorter, country-independent domain name. Since all the buzzmusic.* options had already been taken, here's the brand new BuzzTunes for you. Under the hood it's still the good old buzzmusic The core functionality has been re-implemented, yet new features will appear with time.

From the start pay attention to what's been added:
  • RSS feeds are now generated per user, as well as globally (latest uploads)
  • URL structure has been altered, e.g. a user's profile can be accessed through a URL like "www.buzztunes.org/music/username"
  • Only registered users can now post comments and rate tunes
  • Pictures for user avatars can be JPG or PNG and will be automatically resized upon upload
  • Music files upload limit has been set to 8mb

Please feel free to contact me in case you got problems, questions, suggestions or bugs to report.

Submitted by Shytan