Post your suggestions for the new podcast!

Hello, folks. Xaphoid here. OK, I'm doing a poll of everyone's favorite tracks for the next podcast. So far I have selected a few tracks I like. This time it's your turn. Please post your favorites in the comment section below. It can be tracks from BuzzTunes or TraxInSpace. And please don't forget to provide links.

Submitted by Xaphoid


  • All right, I nominate these tracks:

    Dichotomy by Sjef featuring Jennifer Lynn;
    Siren among the waters by Xaphoid;
    Last Chrysanthemum by Tarida;
  • Actually I already did an experiment mix with those very tracks!  

    ok any more requests everyone?   They can be old or new.  
  • ummm well I guess Leah doesn't want me to use "Thinking of You" anymore because it has been erased.  Too Bad!  I loved it. 
  • The reason I erased the track is that it was just a rough pre-mix. I am actually working over filters of certain Korg sounds and also over the ending, which still does not convince me.