BuzzTunes mixed podcast (January 2012)

Greetings to all! This time I am the one doing the mixed podcast, not Mr. Xaphoid In fact it's my first attempt to... mix several tracks down so that they go together well and I tried to do my best (and yes, a lot of titles are by me and Louigi Verona here)  

The podcast genre is ambient (the easiest to mix, I guess), so here we go:
  • Datura by Shytan 
  • Pilgrim by Louigi Verona 
  • Pillow 5 by Eltune 
  • Rain Garden by DJSanc (feat. Liga M.) 
  • I Needed You Then by Razornaut 
  • Stellarium by Shytan 
  • Hubraum by zzr_ 
  • Landscapes From Above by Louigi Verona 
  • Sand by Antigon 
  • Window In The Sky (part 4) by Louigi Verona 
  • Window In The Sky (part 5) by Louigi Verona 
  • Thunderstorm by Xaphoid 
  • Homeplanet by Shytan 
  • The Big Boil by Louigi Verona. 
Download the podcast or listen to it online. 

Submitted by Shytan


  • Excellent mix Shytan!  I really Enjoyed the journey. 
  • Shytan you are one of my favorite artists that has been using Buzz since I can remember. I'm looking forward to hearing your mix while I work! 
  • Thanks a lot and welcome to the site.
  • I'll make sure to listen to it this week. Thanks for putting this together. You and Louigi make inspiring stuff.
  • *feels like his music is never suited for podcasts*
  • I forgot to say that this podcast is great. Very calming and the transitions are nice.
  • im on "radio" yey!

    i enjoyed the whole thing very much, thanks for a great ambient break

  • I wish I could edit my comments at any time.
    Some tracks remind me of using OmmWriter. I once bought this piece of writing software that allows you to write/type in an environment with very neutral ambient sound. It tries to avoid distracting you and it tries to take away distractions from you.
    The tracks on there are less melodic but they've got the same atmosphere going.

    For some reason I thought this would be an interesting comment. >.<
  • Thanks for feedback. 
    @AniCator: will definitely include your stuff on one of podmixes to come