BuzzTunes mixed podcast (November 2012)

Greetings to all! After a long break, here's a new mixed podcast for you. This time the podcast genre is electronica/chillout (the old-time favorites): 
  • Up Periscope by Conelrad 
  • Encounter by Kalder 
  • Hypnophobia by AniCator 
  • TicTac Never Stops by Vacuum, thOke & Magamavander 
  • Skybox by Shytan 
  • Wasted by Monoton & Shytan 
  • No Dubstep Session by thOke 
  • Lunar Sessions by Xaphoid 
  • Galaxies by Louigi Verona 
  • Spell III by Schröder 
  • While the cat's away the mice come to play by 4516n41 
  • Envy by Xaphoid

Download the podcast or listen to it online.

Submitted by Shytan


  • Honorable mix, absolutely enjoyable ... very nice for a "flight" ... thank you ...
  • Très belle sélection. You're a great M.C
  • Yay! Great to see my tune in there
  • @Louigi: And there will be more to come BTW, the latest stuff from the droning series is absolutely cool. Please share some with us.