Small changes on the site

Hi all! The site has been relocated again. More server features and more disk space available now
Nothing has changed beyond that. Ah yes, OpenMPT files format has been added to the list of supported formats.
And, as usual, if you spot any bug, please let me know.


Submitted by Shytan


  • Hello Shytan, thanks for all the work I wish you the best!
  • Yeah, thanks a lot!
    It's a interesting place here
  • It seems you like to "move it, move it" ... glad the site is back ... (!)
  • He-he, not really )) But the current provider does give more disk space.
  • Shytan I've been learning a lot about front end web development lately.  At some point in the future I may be able to help you re work the front end with new styling and things if your interested.  I need as many portfolio items as I can to get a job in web dev.   
  • Cool! What kind of technologies/frameworks are you into? I could use some help on the frontend, 'cause the servicing JS code is by now kinda messy ))
  • I would love to use angular on it.  All I need is a json api to work with.  I'm not quite ready to work on the site but probably more into the dead of winter.  I'll be coordinating with you via email.  

    I think your using Jquery UI right?   pretty out of date.  Angular has some very clean declarative templating that should be easy to maintain.  Instead of getting in the weeds with the usual imperative programming.  
  • so probably Angular + bootstrap or foundation
  • yes I see it's jquery UI and some plugins generic form stuff.  Lets really get buzztunes looking better and get some more traffic here.  Do you have source control for buzztunes? 
  • Sure I do — it's all in Git But the thing is I'm currently preparing a totally refactored version of BuzzTunes (hope to release it before 2016) — no more jquery UI in it, switched to bootstrap. But the whole app is still more or less backend oriented and the js code I have now is still pretty basic. There's no point doing anything for the current code base, since it will soon be replaced. But for the next version I did not plan any serious frontend architecture refactoring either. So I'm not ready to even describe the task for frontend right now.

    Thanks for offering help, Jason. I'll keep that in mind for future releases Like I said, it would be cool if someone gave me a hand on the frontend, but if I start refactoring now, I can't tell when I'll be releasing it.
  • At the very least I can help with styling and what not.  I'd love to look at your code base sometime and learn from it.