BuzzTunes mixed podcast (December 2015)

Greetings, everyone! Xaphoid speaking. This mix is for Jenny Rave. She has been sealed into the buzzmusic canon. She can't erase this! Here's the list:

  • I like it (featuring Stephanie Key) by Xaphoid & Sjef
  • Catacomb Funk by JennyRave
  • Summer Wind by djsanc
  • Be Funky by JennyRave
  • Catacomb Funk (Sjef mix) by JennyRave & Sjef
  • Biohazard by djsanc
  • Push n Pull by sparschaeler
  • Magnetic by solshadda
  • Ninjas by DeeKyoo
  • Disfrazado by sparschaeler
  • From Blue To Black by sparschaeler & Sjef
  • Fame by DeeKyoo
  • Terrestrial Poop by JennyRave
  • Driving Me Down by Nyje

Download the podcast or listen to it online.

Submitted by Xaphoid


  • Xaphoid, this is great!! That is what i'll be listening to in the car next few weeks. 
    Nicely mixed. I thought my tune was not mixable, but you did it! Thanks!
  • Finally, made it in the mix!