Registration date: 2011-12-14
Real name: Jay H.
Country: New Zealand
City: Auckland

x0xb0x, MC-202, Microkorg, PSR-36, mini-KP, SA-5, JV-1010, S-760, CMU-800, really cheap distortion & chorus pedals, Pentium 233 w/AWE64+GUS+DOS+IT.

Acid anything, Detroit & Euro techno, club/rave, goa/psy/trance, a bit of electro & classic demoscene too. If you like any of that you might like my stuff!

Hi guys! I agonize over my studio layout and constantly rearrange it. Also, sometimes I write a song.

Expect lots of distorted x0xb0x, MC202, FM synthesis and oldschool tracker beats. Amiga ST-xx samples have been known to make appearances. My "DAW" is an industrial server that runs DOS and outputs MIDI through a 15-pin joystick port on the end of a Sound Blaster. My sequencer of choice is usually Impulse Tracker.

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