2013-12-31 — 2014-01-31

Chinese Sine Contest

And here's the second contest at BuzzTunes! The idea is by Magmavander

We are playing with wavetable synthesis this time, so here are the rules: 
  • one song, no duration or size limit (but, of course, no bigger than 20Mb); 
  • one 440Hz sine wave sample as the sole sound source (download it here); 
  • only sample trackers may be used (Matilde, Jeskola, Unwieldy etc); 
  • peer machines can also be used; 
  • only native Buzz effects are allowed; 
  • an OGG/MP3 file must be uploaded next to the BMX, so it'll be 2 files per submission; 
  • deadline is the 31st of January (the Chinese new year).

PS: please prefix your titles with a "CSC" or "Chinese Sine Contest" so that they could be added to the contest automatically.


Joachip › Roaring Luck of the Silver Dragon (original)Roaring Luck of the Silver Dragon (original)

Xin Nian Kuai Le!This is a contribution to the great chinese new year's competition. It uses only one 440 hz sine sample. You may think "hey, this doesn't sound like a sine at all", but that's because I used a lot of weird distortion, degraders, chorus and what not to change it. All trickery of the mighty Buzz dragon.

[Ethnic] [Buzz] [206.8 KB] [Voted: 10]

Jmph › [CSC] Exhibiting Sines of Madness (source)[CSC] Exhibiting Sines of Madness (source)

Source file so you can look at how it's made. As per the compo rules, every sound is derived (using effects) from a 440 Hz sine in a sampler machine. (Note: Sunvox stores its samples *per machine* rather than in one common wavetable, so there are in fact multiple copies of the sample stored in the module. I made sure to keep each instance of it completely…

[Trance] [SunVox] [464.4 KB] [Voted: 5]

Vacuum › [CSC] A Walk Through Fukushima [bmx][CSC] A Walk Through Fukushima [bmx]

.. probably one of my most experimental things.. a devil's triangle.. Robert Fripp wouldn't have done it any better   (yea, okay, he did..   )

[Experimental] [Buzz] [75.5 KB] [Voted: 7]

Eracilon › [CSC] Entre les cordes[CSC] Entre les cordes

Csc contest.Only one 440 hz sine sample loaded with XS-1.All the effects are made with XS-1.

[Ambient] [Buzz] [4.4 KB] [Voted: 10]

Shroom › [CSC] Acting seasonally (original by shroom)[CSC] Acting seasonally (original by shroom)

BMX version

[Chillout] [Buzz] [86.0 KB] [Voted: 10]

Tinga › [CSC] Bird in a pentatonic jail BMX[CSC] Bird in a pentatonic jail BMX

Again an unfinished thing, because i'm not sure to have enough time. 

[Microtonal] [Buzz] [88.5 KB] [Voted: 9]

ThOke › [CSC] Precipitant BMX[CSC] Precipitant BMX

my contribution - quickly cobbled together today

[Electronica] [Buzz] [258.9 KB] [Voted: 10]

Kermit106 › [CSC] SINE around[CSC] SINE around

Here's the BUZZ file.

[Rock & Pop] [Buzz] [80.0 KB] [Voted: 6]

Buzztler › [CSC] Stockhausen Meditates on the Chinese Wall (alternate)[CSC] Stockhausen Meditates on the Chinese Wall (alternate)

My contribution to the CSC contest ...

[Meditative] [Buzz] [10.3 KB] [Voted: 5]

Mute › [CSC] PL - Unfoldered BMX[CSC] PL - Unfoldered BMX

Sine only comp. Song written @ -3. If you like it @ 0, cool..but I wrote it @ -3.Perhaps the most machines I've ever used in a BMX due to all the waveshaping and digging out of partials while keeping them tame with comps and bandpassing.MP3: http://www.buzztunes.org/music/mute/csc-pl-unfoldered-mp3

[Dub] [Buzz] [487.4 KB] [Voted: 11]

Magmavander › [CSC] mag a sine NOISEBURST[CSC] mag a sine NOISEBURST

CAREFUL ! a noise burst may happens at the start of the song first time you read it. In this case ctrl+new and reload the song. Didnt have enough time so the song sucks but it was really a big fun to make :)

[Meditative] [Buzz] [78.2 KB] [Voted: 5]

Mcg › [CSC] rough sine qua non tribute to P.V. Klushantsev[CSC] rough sine qua non tribute to P.V. Klushantsev

Chinese Sine Contesthttp://forums.jeskola.net/viewtopic.php?f=5&t=1669&start=0

[Ambient] [Buzz] [86.5 KB] [Voted: 5]

E[3k7 › [CSC] 17th time's a charm[CSC] 17th time's a charm

[Gear Demo] [Buzz] [114.5 KB] [Voted: 8]


  • Thanks, but it was someone else that suggested the sample only idea I think  
    I hope this time there will be a lot of buzzers!
  • Admin
    The 440Hz wave file has been replaced with the one from Tinga's post on buzz forums.
  • Ah cool! I wanted to send you a mail about that but you were faster Thanks!!
  • Does this mean one (1) sine wave sample only entered in the wave table that can be used multiple times by different trackers?  Or, can you have the same sine wave entered into the wave table multiple times to be used as often as necessary?  I want to enter but I don't want to break the rules either.
  • Admin
    One sine, one slot, unlimited tracker machines using it.
  • Nathan snider wrotes interesting stuff about the use of a sine wave sample. Check the link given by shytan on Tinga's post. 
  • So, once you're done, do you just upload the .bmx to this site as a normal song, or is there a special way to upload compo material?
  • "PS: please prefix your titles with a "CSC" or "Chinese Sine Contest" so that they could be added to the contest automatically."
    Just upload the .bmx as normal song (and the mp3 if possible)  but with what was written just before before the title.
  • Well, most of the stuff I wrote over at the Jeskola forum was for the sample that was originally uploaded (which was actually a ~1600Hz tone sampled at 440Hz rather than an actual 440Hz tone), so it no longer applies to the updated sample. The only thing that one might need to do to make this sample behave is set the Root note to A-5 and the loop end point to 44100, since Buzz wants to loop it at 44101 for some reason.
  • We have 7 submissions already, so it's time to vote!
  • Strange, deadline has been 31.01.2014 and now its time to vote on 26.01.2014?! Anyway, I don't know if I have the right sample for the whole thing ... doesn't matter, I had alot of fun doing it ...
  • Could i replace the bmx, that i posted is bad?
    hey mag! where is your bmx?
  • I tried to upload as I walked out the door for work and it broke. For the record, its 12/30 for 11 more hours where I'm at ... I'll re-upload when I get home from work.


    BTW.. I said screw you to this "One sine, one slot," because it was not written that way in the rules and it makes no sense as far as i'm concerned. I used multiple slots of the sine sample for labeling and level reasons. It's the same sample.

  • Admin
    I'd say you should watch your language, mute when posting comments. Am I asking for too much?
  • Yes, if you think "screw" presents a language issue.
  • meh.. I can see how it can be taken wrong. I didn't mean it the way it read... no ill intention behind it.

  • It is not so easy to vote ... so many really good tracks ...
    @ joachip: I like the clear sound, excellent use of filters and asian sounding elements ... fantastic ...
    @ jmph: cool voxtracker stuff ... sounds and looks good in voxtracker ... amazing soundscapes ...
    @ vacuum: dark brewed soundwaves with high pressure ... very good to visualize ... radioactive hazard ... cool ...
    @ Eraclion: excellent use of compression and or filters ... a very suppressed, but clear and high pressured mix ... Really love those sounds ...
    @ shroom: relaxing soundscapes ... I dig the lasting bass sounds ... and the almost clapping hands thingy ... good overall use of the reverb and delay ...
    @ tinga: dig version a of your track ... bird sound reminds of the chinese nighingale ... ! (Version b to d cause an error message in my buzz, but the sound goes on ... it is caused by .NET ... I use small 4.0 retail) ... well, excellent use of BTD sys in this one ... seems to sound different over all the listening cycles ...
    @ thOke: f...ing awesome drumrolls and overall drum sounds ... excellent overall soundmix ... great work ... and relaxing ... amazing for a sine-startpoint ...
    @kermit106: doesn't sound chinese, doesn't sound like sine or buzz tracker ... but is definately a cool trance thingy (imo) and has perhaps the most professional pressure in the mix ...
    @ mute: could not look at the bmx-so far, but I like what I hear ... some sounds reminds me of the "wind section"  ...
    and now I vote ... then I got into the weekend ... don't stop to have fun ...
  • All the entries sound great.   When is the deadline to vote?  
    I thought I read somewhere that deadline coincided with with Chinese New Year and was not a theme.  I hope i didn't miss  on that one.  
  • Happy New Chinese Year !!! OK, today it's over, the contest is finished  At the moment all submissions uploaded before the 1st of February are here. We can fix  the vote deadline to the 15.02.2014.
    "The songs do not have to 'sound' chinese but chinese's sounding was not forbidden Theme was the sine sample. But deadline was for the chinese new year, that's why it was called chinese sine

    Thanks a lot everybody, there was a lot of buzzers this time with a high level quality If you have some ideas for a new contest use jeskola buzz forums/ music section to expose your ideas.

  • Admin
    The deadline is the deadline. No submissions can be made past the 31st of January, otherwise what's the point of setting deadlines in the first place. 

    @Eracilon: Sorry, I had to remove your last submission - the voting logic was made to count only 1 submission per user, hardcoded actually, 'cause I was doing it in a hurry. Will be fixed for the next contest. 
  • mcg
    I seem to have uploaded my entry meeting the deadline, in my time zone anyway.
  • Admin
    OK, added those three who nearly missed the boat Hm, a great collection of music we have here, I must say.
  • mcg
  • elekt's mp3 went missin..
  • uploaded again here: http://www.buzztunes.org/music/e3k7/17th-times-a-charm

  • many contesters: the contest is a succes.

    I like buzztler's style commenting

    @ e[3k7
    Great instruments, coherent drums. very good

    @ mcg
    nice meditative. i took a nap in the afternoon while listening to this

    @ mute
    nice crunchy beats sounds, carefully constructed

    @ magma
    deep space sine, low heavy basis, the borg are waiting to be released

    @ buzztler
    I'm sure stockhausen must have smoked a chinese pipe,
    a bit long, but nice experimental sounds, nice retrigger clickety

    @ eraclion
    soft warm organ sounds, healthy orgone feeding

    @ kermit
    yes the rock version sine contest, bravo

    @ thoke
    sine by one of the best buzzmasterers, nice chosen sounds
    converted to a sine experience

    @ tinga
    Wow this is great, very natural sounds,
    you have blown life into a robot so much that it has
    started walking by it's own.
    control versus uncontrolled, a soul creator

    @ shroom
    very very beautifull, carefully chosen sounds and beautiful
    melodic feel, positive vibes

    @ jmph
    nice 303 track, sine to saw, might have been a little longer maybe

    @ joachim
    nice relaxed, very comfortable to listen to, lovely percussive sounds,
    ..and then the silver dragon turned into gold.

    .... and @ vacuum
    It felt a little like cheating because ld grain fx can make so many sounds,
    I hope the bmx loads correct. I made sure I was in time for the
    deadline, this time I made a combination of three sine experiments,
    if i remember correctly.
  • Some really inventive and technically unbelievable entries here! I've heard everything from vinyl record warmth to distorted guitars to sort of urban ambient din coming out of a humble little sine wave. I don't think it's possible to call any one of these 'the best' as they are so incredibly varied.

    I'm curious as to who left me a 4/10 rating on mine... I'm not offended, but post a comment about what you thought was wrong with the piece and what could be improved! My tunes are always WIP so all suggestions are appreciated.
  • So, pressing the "Vote" button obviously gave the track +1 in "Total number of votes" on this page. At the same time, the track also has a rating. And the mp3/ogg version has a different rating yet. That's three different indicators. How will the winner be picked? I'm just curious.
  • Admin
    The contest votes will count, of course
  • I like this voting system a lot, because you can vote +1 and not -1.
    I mean: if somebody gets a vote like 5/10 or 7/10, it is low
    compared to general voting.
    And these low votes like 4/10 or so, what would they contribute ??
  • mute is virtualy the winner atm  
    It was a great contest. Really cool. And very useful!
  • Mute wins!!
  • hey how about that! thanks to everyone that voted. this was a fun contest with alot of excellent entries. I really didn't expect to win. cheers all!
  • explanation of my machine view:



  • Tinga: Your track really reminded me of gamelan music btw, but I guess that was intentional. Have you studied gamelan music? It seems super complex. It's probably the kind of music I have most trouble comprehending. Nice.
  • Gamelans fascinate me, i haven't studied about it, i just like this music, with so many tunings, very repetitive, like Steve Reich music but with more soul and life, dance , colors, nature, noised sines... 
  • Very nice contest, many good ideas in all bmx, large variety of musics, waiting for  the next. (with just one generator allowed, jeskola NoiseXP, or a 100% gen but no fx )
    Thx Mag and all the challengers for this cool moment. 
  • Some good ideas tinga, you can write it at buzz forum here :
    I have a very special idea for a new contest...
  • the link it's better like this.
    btw : a lot of days without any news from Shytan... I hope it's ok for him (he lives in ukraine).