Padded room

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A song I made 3 or 4 years ago (I never thought it was finished, always lacking that 100%   . Everything except the beat and 2 or 3 sounds at breaks are played live. 

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  • I like it It has a seductive mood, cool piano. Maybe the drums are a bit too busy or too in front ? Anyway, a pleasure to listen
  • Closed my eyes and felt like I was soaring through the air.  
  • Thanks guys, glad you liked it. 
    @Mag  Yeah I actually have a version with the keyboard in the front and it's the only change I have done on the song since originally created(whoops my bad should have posted that version but forgot about it until you mentioned it) About the beat being to busy is true but I can't work with click tracks and always need some beat or a groove too play in sync. Those drums where just something I quickly laid out to play with and after a while I got used to them and have a hard time picturing something else with it.
    @Kermit Yeah... It's a bit trippy even though I was completely sober when I wrote it Just something that popped up practicing playing the keyboard after not touching it in more than 10 years. So I quickly laid out some beats and started to record before I would forget.  
  • Highly enjoyable