24 Hours

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From the directory of old tracks that were either never uploaded or lost after BuzzMusic went down for a while.
Note: These tracks are not mixed too well since I didn't know anything about proper mixing back then.

I never realized this track wasn't on BuzzTunes anymore. I still wish to re-make it at some point.
This really is one of my classics in my opinion. It is pretty much after this track that I really got better at making classical tracks.
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  • Also a very nice theme and a very good arrangement, but it repeats to much. To transpose the theme into another scale would make it more interesting ...
    However I recommend to listen to that song.
  • Yeah, I know about those weak spots. The song is about 3 to 4 years old now so I can't really blame myself for it.
  • BHS
    Really wonderfull !! Very nice orchestral sound and an interesting composition. There is something strange and appealing here.
    Good . I like this one. Well done AniCator.
  • Very nice work, AniCator!! Congrats, nice orchestral arrangements in E minor. Epic and melancholic mood at the same time, very inspiring    


  • Keep in mind this track was made back in 2007/2008. :p