Shooting Stars in Cyber Space (work in progress)

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Still working on this but I already got quite a lot of positive responses from friends so I thought why not release a work-in-progress.
Vocals by me.
(there are still harmony issues and I'm planning on adding some more flavour to it)
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  • An intriguing mix of genres. I sincerely liked the intro part where two violins go together. A very touching and harmonious melody, by the way. The pizzicatos are also great. And not to forget the bassdrum/bass programming. Those were the pros. 

    Amongst cons I'd point out the snare (I don't know, but it sounds out of place to me; perhaps it's too sharp and snappy with little velocity/accent variations) and, forgive me, but... vocals. It seems a bit too often that you repeat that line

    All being said, this piece appears to be a very successful attempt. Thumbs up! And thanks for sharing.
  • And that is exactly why it's still a work in progress.

    Thanks for your comment. Indeed there are some instruments that are popping out when they're not supposed to.
    I've still got some ideas for the vocals. I was already happy I didn't sound like a screaming cat.
  • Waiting for final release, but please don't delete this WIP - it's great as it is. 
    BTW, what was used for violins/cellos?
  • BHS
    Ooh Yeeesss!!!
    Very interesting this one.
    I go in waiting-state for the final release. Good work.
  • Oh finally something different from what I'm used to listen here Really nice, It sets you up with a positive mood!
  • Forgot to say that it's EWQL Symphonic Orchestra Gold.