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Hey guys. This track is a compilation of an intro and six loops for a gamemode for Garry's Mod called Top This! . I've been working on the gamemode for three days now and it seems to have become better than the gamemode it has been inspired by. XD I thought it needed some music but this track isn't the perfect candidate. So I'll have to see if I can make it a bit more interesting or create something new from scratch.

(yes, that's the FLStudio spectrum display. It makes shit epic.)
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  • Exceptionally great work! Very demo-like. Percussion and bass, sfx and lead synths. The only thing that sounded a little "over-used" is the 8-bit noise. I would suggest to attenuate it.
  • You're absolutely right about the over-use of bit crushing. XD
    It just looked so cool on the spectrum display. :P
    Considering they're looped sections as well I will certainly have to cut some stuff to remove some of the clutter.
    And I'm guessing you're also referring to the bleep noises.
  • sounds very nice... but the bit crushing begins to sound like artifacts/out of place... especially when floats all over the place.    nice work
  • The spectrum display must have been very distracting while I made this. :3
  • BHS
    Full sharing what Vaisnava and Shytan says.
    This track have great potential. Try to work on it a bit more ...
    Very good ideas and  sounds here.