Trying Rock

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Alternative Rock
(I failed somewhere near the end of the track, the guitars should have hold one chord a bit longer)
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  • BHS
    Great Anicator, you have done a trio of really good tracks. In this one maybe the reverb and eq on the snare need a further adjustment. For the distorted guitar what gear have you used ? Good work here.
  • Respect !!! You really did a great one here ... Reminds me early SOM and therefore rated 10 I take this one on my MP3-Player, even if BHS is perhaps right with his suggestion, but there never will be a perfect buzz track in the end ...
  • Quote: But there never will be a perfect buzz track in the end. Unless a perfect person made it. Too bad I'm not perfect. Thanks a lot. Thanks for your respect Buzztler, it means a lot to me. I'm still pioneering in many areas (music, writing, drawing, animation, programming... yes I can do all of them). Right now I'm saving up money for Goliath (search About 300 EUR away from the big 32GB sample library! - AniCator
  • [anonymous]
    and which samples did you use here ?
  • Yep, cool tracks, all three. The equipment sounds rather unbuzzish though. How did you produce them, anicator ?
  • magmavander
    Well done for a first try. Good shot
  • Samples, VSTs, VSTis and soundfonts. Most of them are free, one of them is commercial. But I didn't pay any money for the commercial one since I got it from a friend who didn't use them. They're old samples but they sound really good. When I was about ten years old I used that sample library for the first time. I really loved making music using those samples. Oh.. I forgot to tell you they weren't just samples but loops and loops get boring after you used them a few times. So I should be really careful when using those samples. My current goal is to make good music and save up money for Goliath. Since that's what I really need. A high-quality all-around professional sample library! Thanks for all the input, - AniCator
  • Sounds very nice here, maybe a little too much reverb on the drums or so. Good work