Elektrons Around Me

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This is a sort of first draft. It needs more work on arrangements and eq.
Composed and sequenced as always with Buzz and made some little post edit with Audacity.
The genre is mainly inspired from the German electronic like Tangerine Dream & Co.
If someone has got a good speaker reference to listen this, and maybe telling me something about.
Thanks and good music to everybody.
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  • Sorry, don't have speakers. But I have to say, very good work up to now. I like the ending, keep it this way. I smell another 10-rated tune by you, when it will be finished.
  • Wow, very good so far!! Imo it's a lot better than your number before, I've to admit I just find it medicore (compared to your other tracks, which have a high standard). Well back to this number: I like a lot the choice of sounds here! Especially the bass and the psychedilc plucks. The overallsound so far is good, but there's still some space to improve: I wouldn't pan the bd, instead maybe the brass-like-synthi. The bass needs some equalizing I guess. It's hard to tell. I've the impression that also the low-frequencies are influenced by an lfo-filter. I guess you also can put the toms at 00.26 (and so on) more in front (2-3 db or so). a little thing to the arrangement: I don't like that you're taking so many instruments out at 00.58. Some seconds before it becomes sooo intense and then out of sudden... this break. Allright I'm awaiting your final version of this track!
  • Applauski from polski! It sounds very good to me, solid work.
  • BHS
    Hi and thanks for the positive comments. @Lizard: I know that you got good equipments and i must send to you a big THANKS for all detailed info on my track. I will take particular attention to your suggestions. I don't know when i will finish this compo, I think I will take at least 15 days. Unfortunately I have accumulated a number of problems that steal my free time.
  • A must-have absolutely!
  • I am Anonymous
  • [anonymous]
    wonderful, superb production. It doesn remind of Tangerine Dream and I love them. TOP NOTCH!!
  • wonderful, superb production. It doesn remind of Tangerine Dream and I love them. TOP NOTCH!!
  • Very cool! I like your style.
  • mag
    Molto bene Superb mastering work. Excellent song!
  • Benissimo!!! I listened to it today on my fat JBL-Speakers. I had to go down on my knees. The sound and the track is great done!!!
  • Amazing track... and yeah, "Tangerine flavour"that I specially love. Congrats Paolo, you have a ten from me, I usually listen to this track. I kept it ;_)
  • BHS
    Many many thanks Leah !! I'm very glad that you like the style of "Tangerine Dream".
  • A reminder of this track, in special for Musicmanelectro. I think this is really a top work in electronic genre, wonderful indeed. Thanks and congrats again, Paolo BHS; honestly I don't see the need of  more arrangements here
  • BHS
    Thanks Leah !! I am honoured of such  appreciations.
    I hope to find more time for my music ... it's so long time that I don't put here something new ....