Helix trance demo

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This is an attempt to make a demo for the new VSTi synth Helix (a free VSTi from http://www.audjoo.com/Helix.html that can produce awesome sound with minimal use of CPU).
All is sequenced and mastered using BUZE with 4 istances of Helix for synth sound (no external effect used) , 4 x MatildeTrk for drum with some Buzz Machines effects, all passed through TLS Maximizer VST (a very simple machine structure). Until now, and I hope still for a long time, in my composition I use only free VST/VSTi. Any comment is always very welcome.
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  • BHS
    Maybe I wrote a shit and I want to clarify: when I use VST / VSTi these are freeware plugins.
  • Helix sounds great, but seems not so intuitive to tweak for me, so if you mastered it you deserve a BRAVO. This happy track is nice!!!
  • BHS
    Grzei Flos, and good to see you here.
  • Good one, great sound demo, you should send it to the developer I enjoyed!
  • Good demo track. I'm going to download helix right now Thanks!
  • Wuhu, Helix is sooo phat!! so cool for trancemusic Thanks again!
  • BHS
    Magma, Flos, Lizard , thank you very much, and for Lizard I am pleased to have you made known Helix.