Peaks and Sunsets

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A song inspired by the beautiful sunsets on the Italian Dolomites I admired the past days during my vacation days.
The track is not complete yet, i am thinking about .....
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  • I'm convinced it's a good one, but I have to listen first , so further comment tomorrow ...
  • I say - wow! Very beautyful melody with great feelings inside . Did you played this lead sounds on midikeyboard ? Im enjoyed a lot. Muches grasias !
  • And here is really presents something monumental-dolomitical in music
  • It is a fantastic one. Not so "smooth and sweet" as the latest two great tracks from you, there seems to be a "darker " component in this one, but I like it a lot. Well done!!! (I always recognize your good sound mixing and mastering that's really a "guide" for everyone.)
  • BHS
    Many thanks folks. Maybe sometimes the track is a bit repetitive .... I am working on this adding another melody line made with a sound like "Prophet Brass". My purpose is to give a "dark" side (the mountains can be dangerous) and also a "bright" side (the mountains are so beautifull) ... i try ... we will see what i can do. Ciao.
  • flos
    I like this! Film music at its best.
  • magmavander
    Cool listening. I like the 'space' sensation in it! It is very well done. Thanks!
  • BHS
    for BeeKeeper: no midi keyboard used here, only manual editing of velocity, note delay and note cut inside the great machine Polac PVST for Frank Polac Potulski: God has sent you here on earth to gift your precious Machine Wrapper : Thanks endless .
  • Swami
    Cool produzione come di solito, avete il senso della melodia e della orchestration, nessun dubbio ! grazie BHS !
  • Bravissimo!
  • BHS
    A wagon of THANKS to all of you, folks. I hope that the final version, to which I am working on, will come even better. Ciao.
  • One of the greatest ever made