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This is a track composed some years ago , when i have got only my acoustic piano , a Yamaha drum machine and a Poly-800 borrowed from a my friend. Now with BUZZ and BUZE all those gear are fitted in a PC, this is so awesome. The track is made enterely with BUZE rel.0.5.1. No VST/VSTi used, only Buzz Machines. Piano sound is Jeskola XS-1, pluck is the Bigyo Wood One. Tell me something about the bass line : i am not completely sure if the sound is good.
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  • Sounds good to me, bass included. Man, this is really 200% disco italiano from the eighties Miss a girl with big tits to sing here
  • BHS
    Magmavander you are very positive. Thanks. And yes, a girl with the characteristics you described would be very welcome indeed !!
  • I used to listen to this kinda music back in 80s when I was a kid and Italian pop music was very popular in USSR Respect for usin' exclusively buzzmachines. A lot of naive heart-warming harmonies and a good bass. What was used for the bass, btw? Sounds pretty Infectorish to me.
  • BHS
    Hi Shytan and thanks for the positive feedback. Your earing is accurate as your tracks. This is the chain used for the bass: Infector->PhatMan->PanzDelay->SVerb. I have made the entire final mix in headphone and listen the MP3 in my HI-FI Car the bassline seemed weak and not very defined, as a typical problem of phase inversion on the low frequency.
  • sparschaeler
    I associate this with porn movies. Which is why I like it .