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Brano in stile dance made in italy. Non ancora completamente terminato. Anche qua non manca il VSTi SuperwaveP8 (basso) ed un altro eccezzionale VSTi chiamato EVOL. Quello che ho cercato di ottenere è quel sound con la botta tipica della dance che per quanto alzi il volume non ti basta mai (impianto audio permettendo!!!). Aspetto commenti ! .. buona musica a tutti.
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  • cromm
    nice sounds, but to repetitive.
  • Man thats a great track, the melody is the best, but the beginning is too quick, the second half is really fantastic & energetic!! Nice work!! Would you translate the songs description??
  • translator
    Brano in style dance made in italy. Not still completely finished. Also the VSTi SuperwaveP8 does not lack here (low) and an other eccezzionale called VSTi EVOL. What I have tried to obtain is those sound with the botta typical of the dance that for how much it never raises the volume you enough (audio system not allowing!!!). Aspect comments! .. the good music to all.
  • BHS
    Thank You feki00 for your positive comment. It is true, the beggining of the song is poor and to much explicit , it need more development and i am working about. I am also thinking to add another synth voice in the secon half to create more crescendo .
  • mono
    hmm, i wrote a few days ago that i like this track, but think is not added o_O egal, so i write it again
  • Nice tune but, as Cromm said earlier, too much repetitive.
  • What about BMX upload? Doesn't sound like it has many samples.. Shouldn't be heavy.
  • BHS
    Hi Shytan, i am very happy about your interesting for my track, you are one of my favorites composer in the buzzmusic. For uploading the BMX there isn't problem, maybe today i upload . The BMX size is actually 375KByte. Ciao.
  • definitively the kinda style where you good at. nicely done!