The Gate To The Garden

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A simple pop/new_age track. Classic string pads, piano, a simple drum and so on for a melodic/romantic composition.

Good listen to everybody ... And if somewhere you have a garden or a park, go there, go past the gate and take a walk watching the miracle of nature.

For a better mp3 quality go to this link Dance-Industries - BHS - Gate to the garden and click on the "DOWNLOAD" button at the right, near the "lyrics" and "play hifi" button.
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  • flos
    Bravo come sempre! Grazie per queste piccole perle
  • well, your description fits perfectly to this song... or vice versa. beatiful melody. impressive. when listening to your song, I could easily imagine to walk through the nature... flowers, bees, sunshine .
  • Shytan
    Always loved Paolo's tracks for very positive melodies with some warm demo feel in every of them.
  • so simple ist this not love the positive mood in this song. also have a great mix and a great composition more from this please
  • Exellent work! I like it!
  • Yes, only people from poland can do such incredible tracks ! I dig the whole atmosphere and the synths you used, keep up your nice work!
  • BHS
    You guys are too cool. Thank you all for your kind comments. Do not know about you, but to build a track like this always takes me a long time (for this track took about 20 days working on it about 1 hour a day) I always need a lot of time to adjust tones sounds and the levels of various instruments and get a nice mix not to mention how many times i listen it. Unfortunately lately I haven't a good speaker system of reference and so most of the mastering I do through headphones. Anyway, what you hear in this piece is only one file BMX, I have not made any post-production with external editors or other and I only used Buzz Machines and a couple of free VST. If anyone is interested, the BMX is available. Thank you all.
  • great song... the sun is out and am sitting outside... seems like the perfect song to be playing right now... 10+
  • Beautiful song. I like those big pads and melodies. Drums are great too. Indeed, a gate to the paradise
  • Thanks for sharing this one. It does remind me of sunshine and nature. That warm pad is great. Nice arrangement, too. Definitely upbeat and nicely done!
  • Reinhard
    I like this track, it is indeed fully listenable!
  • BHS
    Jenny Ionisaat, Jake Reinhard, thank you very very much for your compliments. And thanks again to all the other friends who have commented here. All this positively charged me to continue working with passion and attention to detail. Good music to you all.
  • magmavander
    Superb piece! Very cool and relaxing mood. Super great musical work, melodies and chords are near perfect Grazie paolo!!
  • Love every second of this. I master piece here on buzzmusic. Demo vibe
  • Great work as I listen to it again.
    Wish you release more of your tunes here.
  • Listning to a batch a songs from you BHS and so far i'am stunned, the remarks on my songs are great thnx perhaps I should have used buzz instead of skale because of all the extra options, anyway this track is so crystal clear and well composed, kind regards Synthi