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another track style Dance anni 80\' (italo disco , etc..) . I am 40 years old and the 80\' music is always in my spirit. Buona Musica. Ciao. P.S. i have used some free VSTi, free VST and some BuzzMachines. (edit - mp3 re-uploaded - first upload is gone bad !!) - edit : i want to say also that this track is composed completely by me and as always if somebody want the BMX i am here ! Ciao.
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  • This reminds me of Depeche Mode. Melody and lush pads take me back to the 80's for sure. I like it! I love it! Come get your 80's here! IMO this get a 10 no question.
  • Great work BHS, italian style roxx!
  • Streck
    My take, is that it is Physically IMPOSSIBLE to accumulate too much 80s stuff. And I would have thought that this is a bona-fide 80s track (had you not basically said that you just made it).. Very cool. Keep up the good work
  • vaisnava
    I quite liked this... very original, very 80's and very well done. Professional sounding. Good work. I like the percussion air flutey melody thing. Doesn't quite feel like the 80's US Disco though...
  • My regards. And my respects. Very melodic, though at times too pop-sounding, theme. But none the less harmonious.
  • He he, cool Clean sounds and good melodic work. If it's Disco, maybe you should use a deeper and fatter kick ? Very well done, needs a vocal now
  • BHS
    1000 thanks at everybody.