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trying a minimal setup with new version of buzz from Oskari Tammelin .... an ultra simple tracks ... simple fun !
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  • Hi Bhs. A great new track track from you. Glad to see you back here, buzzing again. I tried new buzz.exe also, but can't say that it makes much different output from the old one. I hope to see some new features in it in the near future. I'll say again - a very good music. What machines, vsts did you use? Thanks!
  • Great one. Molto melodico e di una produzione chiara.. Come sempre sono i pezzi di BHS
  • Alla faccia della prova! Maybe that lead synth and that pad are a bit overexcited for my taste but the mix is perfect. Bentornato vecchio!
  • BHS
    Hello friends, too good with your positive comments, however many thanks for the appreciation. I did not think was so pleased because this piece is so simple and born in a couple of hours. Gear used: Bass,Pad and trancesynth VSTi Synth1, MatildeTrk and 1 Halyverb for drum, Wood One with ComboDelay for the sound like "pan flute". All pumped with Oomek Masterizer. ... that's all. Ciao.
  • Mama mia! ritorno verso la musica disco italiana degli anni 80 Very well done. Great sounding. I enjoyed a lot the panflute sound. Cheers!
  • excellent work, very nice mix
  • Babelfish
    Shytan the mafioso said : Much melodic and of a clear production. As they are always BHS pieces Flos said: To the face of the test !....Old welcome! Magmanvander said : Mama mine! return towards Italian music disc of years 80.
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    Could you plz not post automatic translation here? Often they are very incorrect and somtimes even awkward to the point that it's not funny anymore. Thank you
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    I don't think that Babelfish could insert *the mafioso* in the translation so I think you should explain why it's there... :|
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