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This is my attempt to create a final version! I entered a couple of new arpeggios line and a melodic line with a typical sound synth lead, modified a little the structure to try to get a easy-listening song. All comments are always welcome.
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  • So, all comments are welcome . Well, then let me tell you I like it a lot!!! As always, well mixed and programmed you are a"wizard of mastering" and a very good composer too.
  • Totally agreed with Buzztler here. Mastering is solid. Besides, I do like your style, Paolo.
  • Solid bass, the pad is pure creamy butter, but maybe the mix is too compressed? I love the adds!
  • beekeeper
    I didnt listened a previous track version , but this one is wow . Excellent juicy synths and perfect sound quality. I like that on the dancefloor to move my hairy legs some. Cheers
  • This track is just awesome Very well mixed and mastered. Great quality of sound!
  • BHS
    Many and many thanks for all positive feedbacks, folks. Is so strange , this track is born with a simply drum pattern with matilde trk .... and after add the bass line, and after add the pad and so on ... this time the luck helped me a little !! Ciao .
  • Wow! Another masterpiece!! Very atmospheric song! It fits very well in this summer'08 Thanks for cool track, BHS. Very positive & very professional track!
  • very very very! It's true sorry for lil flood
  • Hi, thats what I miss in pop music, nice melody and warm sound, I like this song
  • BHS
    Many thanks to everybody guys. To Shytan : I must say that your way of doing music has a considerable influence to me and and during the composition of this song sometimes I said: "accidents !! looks like Shytan this step ..." ). Another thing i want to say: the track is completely made only with BUZZ, not other software used here. Only Buzz Machines used and 5 instances of the fantastic VSTi Synth1 by Ichiro Toda. Free software can also produce quality music, it takes only a little patience to find the right settings!
  • i like those pads...
  • To BHS: Free instruments can produce awesome music. However you do have to search carefully. I still haven't found the ultimate free orchestra soundfonts/VSTs but I am getting close.