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Is strange how sometimes our inspiration is triggered from strange objects . In this track the initial inspiration is began from a toy of my little son , this toy it is a little electric motorcicle that play a short music and flashes some lights, and in my track the sequence at begin (the first 4 beat) is the only piece I have grabbed from this toy.
At 04:50 there is a little surprise: i have used a melody of a famous song composed by a famous London band, the name of this band begin with "U" and end with "X" ... let's see if somebody recognise the melody.
All this composed only with Jeskola Buzz 2009 and some free plugins (a lot of Synth1 VSTi)
Good listen ! P.S. for who interested at this link you can find a better version in mp3 format (192kbs VBR)
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  • how can we forgot the ultrafox's hymn great song and a very nice input from your son's toy
  • BHS
    Monoton you are great. You have right, the melody is from HYMN , the name of the band is UltraVox (maybe you have done a little error typing f instead of v). Thanks for listening.
  • ach BHS, as an old firevox user, sometime we reerror the typing
  • hey ragazzo! one of your greatest songs here. the ultravox part is a great idea! I also have a son, four years old... there's no better reason to be creative. mille gracie for sharing
  • The quintessence of the 80's spirit. Super very well done. I just miss a bella ragazza dancing in front of me
  • BHS
    1000 thanks to everybody.
  • Almark
    I love the 80s Very well done song