Joyful Childrens

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This is a piece that was born listening some children that playing and singing a tiny simple song .... and so is born this simple track, summer dance techno style.
Nothing special, I hope that this can at least move your feet on the beat.
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  • Awesome bassline ! Although this is not the type of track I like, this one is really funny and cool to listen to... Good !
  • Reminds me a bit of 'Relax' by Frankie Goes to Hollywood. Bello!
  • Great trancey synths and buildup of melody. I love the dark bassline, its really cool. This track is appealing, melodic and well constructed. If the rythm and/or percussion were a bit stronger it would give the track a bit more 'oomf!' but still it's very well done. I will add this to my favourites. (I would like to remix some time!). The bassline is one of the best I've heard. I like this tune a lot... Benissimo! :o)
  • Hi, great track, I like that melody, I just a miss refrain or just a little intermezzo.
  • Well, you know how to do it !!! (P.S.: Can't you make a real bad track one day, so that we all can say something different e.g. April 1st or so ???)
  • mag
    Clear and clean work, excellent sounding, but this is not a surprise I think the lead melody needs a counterpoint melody, well matter of taste, but I'm sure it would be cool. A lead accoustic piano may be ? Thanks!!
  • BHS
    I am extremely happy of your appreciation. I can only say a big: THANK YOU. @ Buzztler : ok, i promise .OK, I will do everything possible to create a trace of shit! ) @ Mag : you are right, in this day i am listening very often this my track, and at some point I feel the need to introduce something new. I will see what i can do. As always if somebody is interested i can upload the source. The track is made with BUZZ 2008, and i have also used some instances of VSTi SYNTH1 (for me this synth is a fantastic source of inspiration).
  • i been playing this song all day.. i luv it.
  • BHS
    Thanks Jenny !!
  • Love your style, I already told you Great work, yet one of my favorite tracks by you is "House Take 1" (although I'm not a pop fan at all) - this song is just so cheerful.
  • hi quality here, definitely! sounds veeeeery italian!!!
  • BHS
    Shytan, I am honoured of your appreciation.!! Thanks a lot Sparschaeler !! ) )