Machine Takeoff (v2)

Release date
Found it in a dark and dusty corner on my HardDrive.
Composed in the July 2007 , some modifications in the August 2008, and now re-uploaded here for you all.
Used some freeware VSTi (ZynAddSubFx, Andreas Ersson Iblit) every thing else are Buzz machines.
Composed and sequenced with Buzz (no midi keyboard or other external controller). No external wav editor used.
The track needs some further adjustment (mainly equalization and levels) but it doesn't sound so bad.
As always any criticism is really apreciated.
Good listen.
Here a screenshot of this track on Buzz.
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7.1 MB
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846 times
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This work is released under Creative Commons
Attribution Non-commercial Share Alike (by-nc-sa)

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  • Marvellous melodies. Good to see you uploading again. 
    And nothing complain about this track - a great electronica piece!
  • Ah! Ah! Pure BHS song Once again, it's very well done, very coherent, the sound is very good , the use of reverb is awesome. If I would correct something it's the EQ interaction between the brass synth and the melodic synth, but not that much. I like what you're doing, to me it's far more better than a lot of 80's stuff
  • Listened again... Paolo, I'd give you some criticism if I could - but there's nothing to criticize.  
    Love this song. Сomplimenti!
  • Nice! Brings memories of some space shooter games. I like the pads in the intro/outro very much.
  • BHS
    Thanks to you all for the positive feedback.
  • Just love that forever young disco feel !
  • Very good track, Paolo! Tnx
  • Ciao BHS, I'd like to hear even more compression on that snare drum, but nonetheless this is superbly catchy. Melody.. arrangements.. for me they're always perfect.