Synth1 trance and solo

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A few days ago I tried some old sounds for the mythical VSTi Synth1 ... And so I thought to make a little demo using only this splendid VSTi. This track is nothing special, perhaps even poor in ideas, but I think someone might like. P.S. a BIG thanks to Ichiro Toda that have made the VSTi Synth1 ... If someone knows where this guy went ...
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  • Again an excellent demo Very good sounding and and good melodic work, yes, yes What are the drums ? Ready for the Dance Floor!! BTW : I have tried audjoo Helix, which sounds cool, but I have no gui. Did you have the same problem ?
  • BHS
    Hi Magma, well the drums are : FSM KickXP, ErsSnare, ErsHiHat, Matilde Tracker for the clap sample. Fx used : SVerb on Snare, cheapo Spread on Hihat and Clap (nothing on KickXP). Mastering FX : Masterizer->AutoDC->Joachims Multi. No external fx used on Synth1. N.6 instances of Synth1 VSTi. If you want I upload the BMX. Audjoo Helix works like a rock for me, stable and never crashed (i use BUZE from 5..6 month) , only a little delay (about 1..2 seconds) for opening the GUI.
  • YEAH! Hi-nrg roxx, and very nice sound design, as usual. Love that solo sound... :P Seems a perfect bootleg, we only need the crowd that cries!!!