Tangerine Pad

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New Age
A melodic, relaxing theme, inspired by some sound texture from the mitical band Tangerine Dream.
Good Listening to everybody and .... every comments (positive and negative) is always welcome for me.
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  • Bellissimo!
  • flos
    I still remember the first version, this extended mix is very nice. Positive music.
  • Good technique! Sounds very good! I give you a 9. With a -IMO- better basic melody, it would be Seven of Nine... errr, i mean a 10.
  • BHS
    Thanks guys ! For hirogenium : i have just made some little change to melody line, modified some note bending and ornament, added a couple of repetitions and so little elongated entire track. I think to substitute today the track instead of upload a new version. About the "better basic melody": the chords progression used here are very flexible and so there are many possibilities of melody variation. If you are interested I can upload the bmx. I have used some VSTi , as always all freeware.
  • Yes, the good old "tangerine dreamer's" made a lot of music for motion picture soundtracks. Your track comes very, very close to their fantastic work. Your music started "playing a movie" in my head, too, flying with the eagles, would also be a good title . I like it a lot, especially the "harp" sounds and the "pan flute" sounds you used here. Am I right that you used synth1 here, for some sounds, again?
  • -mic-
    rly nice arrangement but i dont like the sounds sounds like one of those standard-midi-synthesizer-demo-songs clear, clean and well played but nothing (for me) to listen to while chilling at the bath oh btw... the choir is nice and rly gr8 arrangement 10 for the arrangement 2 for the sounds 8 for the sfx i dont vote, coz its not my music, but well played
  • BHS
    @Buzztler Thanks a lot . I am sorry but this time no Synth1 used here. Those are instruments used: vocal pad : Vsti ZynAddSubFx pluck arp : Bigyo Wood One lead 1 : Vsti Evol lead 2 : Vsti SQ8L bass : Vsti LinPlug Free Alpha and Free Alpha3 drum : Rout808 and FSMKick All fx are only Buzz machine .
  • BHS
    @ -mic- visitor Thanks for your comment and detailed votes/analisys. About the sound , my intention was to use some classical sounds of synth , over used in the years 70' 80' .
  • vintage fan
    'standard' vintage sounds are awesome!
  • BHS
    Maybe it will be for my almost 42 years and then the sounds of vintage 70 80 years have been my faithful companions
  • buzztler
    Thanks for the VST-list
  • Molto bene Very good work. I dont know why but I imagine this song in a classical remix, using a classical orchestra to play it (pad woulds be strings, lead solo would be violin or/and oboe or something like that, pluck would be an harpsichord and so on). I'm sure it would be really interesting. I've done that with one of my song and it was highly interesting to make