Zyn Tron

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A very little, tiny, tracks. only the begin of a new composition. I am happy with your comments about it. I have used Infector, VSTi ZynAddSubFX and Evol, some Buzz Fx. As always all drived only by BUZZ.
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  • Yep, very well done. I think you can push a bit between 500Hz to 1KHz and push a bit the bass around 60Hz. Promising song!
  • Great tune!
  • I can't wait for the final version! :O
  • Nicely done. I think your crash symbol is a little weak though. Consider swapping for a better sample or adding some reverb/delay to it.
  • BHS
    Thanks for the positive feedback. For Binary Baby : yes, i know , for me the cymbals are always a bit hard to make good sound. In this case the drum/cymbals are made with a single VSTi GTG DrumSampler II that have only 2 output (not multi out). I have used this only for build very quickly a drum track. In the final version i think to use the classic Matilde Trk or SampleGrid and I hope to improve a lot the quality. CIAO.
  • good sounding lead fitting in the stereo image. but the drums could be a bit widened imo.