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Yes, I'm glad to be back with a track ...
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  • Wow...this is so organic.  I love the rawness.  It's a bit distorted, but in a way, that fits.  Don't stop making music.  I want to hear more.
  • Ahhh, that is LOUD! I like that somewhat stumbling rhythm. Now a killer refrain is needed!
  • good mix.
  • @ MrDadrox: The instruments were recorded already in 2012 and I User my old gear ... so the slight "rawness" resides in the original recording ... and for the final mix I twiddled a lot of knobs @ thOke: I just tried to sound like Keith Richards on drugs, always a bit behind the other stoners ...@ HerrFornit: Thx, I tried a lot, the original recordings are mit really good, so I'm still mit satisfied with the result ... furthermore, no songstructure etc., well I still think it has a slight touch of the Stones, referring to your track on Soundcloud, I just would bring the vocals more upfront in the mix ...
  • Ah yes, I should check it with speakers! Have done a lot of EQ with headphones. My hi-fi device is unplugged and not usable. The vocals just a bit louder and wider would perhaps help, too
  • Holy Sh.t!! This is Rock at its best!! The solo guitar is so"vintage", so "authentic".