Farligt Rollespil (DJM Bass-trip Remix)

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My first remix in 21 months I was inspired by the original track by Jon Skarin and simply felt I had to put my take on it. This time I decided to put a driving tripped out bassline, quick-step d&b beats and set the tempo to 140BPM!

After a lot of work I hope that all elements can be heard clearly as I originally had some anti-aliasing issues to deal with on the kora guitar but some subtle re-sampling, EQ and pan work has sorted this out I hope!

The track was produced in Jeskola Buzz but procured in part with a Fruity Loops 7 sample drums & FL7 pad which is identical to the pad Jon used in his original. The Buzzmachines used were:- Real 303, Padsyn, UTrk, 808 Rout for hi-hats. The bassline and 2nd pad were both VSTis. The Buzz Effects were HD Halyverb, Joachim's Mercury, Tethys Filter & Flasbox phaser. The EQ's for all track elements were VSTs.

I hope you enjoy this and would like to thank Jon for letting me remix this great song and his work re-building the elements (including his sung vocal!) for me to use.

The original track can be heard here:-

I hope you enjoy this and look forward to your comments and ratings.

Peace & Respect,
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  • Funky celtic folk  
    Sometimes I found that some of the sounds are a bit too centered and not enough wide. 
    Cool listen
  • Hmmm maybe... I suppose I could have been a bit more ambitious with the panning, just didn't want to overdo it. Glad you enjoyed the song though Mags.