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United Kingdom, Greater London
Sony VAIO LV1S 'all-in-one' Dual Core PC, EM-U Midi Keyboard, H2 sound recorder (for field sample recording), Audacity 3.1. Timbassman and his guitar and vocal samples, my ideas and imagination, lol
My style is of many....Electronic, Experimental, Psytrance, Techno, Old Skool, Ambient House, Acid House, Emotronic, Big Beat, IDM or sometimes a mixture of all of these.... I don't often post new tracks here as the mp3 files have to be quite small. All new material goes to Dance Industries where you can access my artist page as shown on the weblink. I'm now a Music Director (albeit in a voluntary capacity) on the new Dance Industries website, as per my homepage. Influences: Les Rythmes Digitals, G.T.O., The Shaman, Casper Pound (of Hypnotist fame), Soulwax, Justin Robertson, Progidy, Westbam, Adamski, 808 state, Mike Dearborn, Groove Armada, Orbital, early music by Moby, Damon Wild, Bentley Rhythm Ace, Chemical Bros, Andy Weatherhill, Underworld name a few.
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Uploads: 4 | Comments: 301 | Votes: 118

Music by dj_daveyjones

  • 2013-03-26
    Farligt Rollespil (DJM Bass-trip Remix) by dj_daveyjones 
    [Drum & Bass] [OGG/MP3]
    [10.1 MB]
    [rating: 8/3] [comments: 2] [hits: 538]

    10.1 MB

    [rating: 8/3] [comments: 2] [hits: 538]
  • 2012-05-08
    Beyond Shytan-ism by dj_daveyjones 
    [Electronica] [OGG/MP3]
    [11.5 MB]
    [rating: 8/1] [comments: 3] [hits: 601]

    11.5 MB

    [rating: 8/1] [comments: 3] [hits: 601]
  • 2011-07-09
    We're in a UFO - feat. Timbassman (radio edit) by dj_daveyjones 
    [Dance/Techno] [OGG/MP3]
    [5.9 MB]
    [rating: 9/1] [comments: 3] [hits: 851]

    5.9 MB

    [rating: 9/1] [comments: 3] [hits: 851]
  • 2010-08-18
    Up Time Dub Time (Instrumental) by dj_daveyjones 
    [Dub] [OGG/MP3]
    [5.7 MB]
    [comments: 3] [hits: 534]

    5.7 MB

    [comments: 3] [hits: 534]