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  • nice work on this one. are u a pure buzzer or did u use vstI's in this song?
  • Thanks! I use VST Toxic Biohazard from FL Studio, and Jeskola I use for mix all together. My Buzz file is to lage to upload here
  • Great work! I like atmoshere. I would give your track a 9.
  • BHS
    Hi Sandis, really good atmosphere here. The intro remember me a little "summer wind" , the other your track. Relaxing and smooth, good.. Paolo BHS.
  • BHS
    I forget this: why the end of the track is so cut out ?
  • Lizard
    Nice funky feeling. I like the chords (they remind of Gipsy - Gipsy), but here and there they sound disharmonic with the bass. I guess to change a single note at some places would help.
  • mag
    Superb!! Some deep house to help us not being too sad by the end of summer. Really a great track!! Thanks a lot to share
  • I like this one. Amazing sounds in this one. I love with the synth strings come in on top of the attacked pad. High class House this is. No flaws that I see in the mix. A little variation in notes might sound nice as liz brought out but not really important considering the genre.