500kb bmw contest - Eracilon - Along the electronic way

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My participation to the 500kb bmw contest. These 9 songs use only Jeskola Qsamo, so,  you can open it with standard Buzz. Many thanks to Tinga for his very useful presets !
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This work is released under Creative Commons
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  • Thx. Cool to see a new contributor.  Comments later
  • This is probably the most coherent album in the contest. A very unique style! Takes you away to some fantasy world.
  • Yes, although all songs are made with almost the same setup with often just one pattern for each generator and without fx at all, this album provides a convincing versatility and coherence at once. It guides you through an imaginative world in a very musical style.
  • In fact, all these pieces where originally written using VSTi, with several pattern for each generator. To translate them to Qsamo, I started to copy and paste each pattern (as you can see in the first song, "Along the way"). But as it was a very hard work, for the other songs, I exported each track to midi, then import the midi in a global pattern for each instrument with the piano roll.

  • It could have been done a little easier even:

    Replace the vsti with a "internal MIDI" from polac.
    Then rightclick the internal MIDI to choose Midi Send...
    .. to the desired midi-accepting machine (Qsamo).

    (pattern data is kept when choosing another vsti)