2013-05-08 — 2013-06-21

500k BMW Summer Solstice Contest

The first contest hosted at BuzzTunes. Thanks go to thOke and Magmavander for the initiative!

The rules are as follows:
  • an album with 6 songs minimum;
  • 500 KB album size (zipped);
  • no samples, no external machines, no VST;
  • deadline is the 21st of June (summer solstice).


Xenobioz › 500k BMW Contest - Buzzcraft500k BMW Contest - Buzzcraft

My contribution to the 500k BMW Summer Solstice Contest.There are 4 old tunes that I have released before. The rest are new/unreleased. I thought the released tunes fit the idea of the contest so well. Otherwise I would have tried to have only unreleased ones.

[Gear Demo] [Buzz] [97.9 KB] [Voted: 2]

ThOke › BMW Album Contest 2013BMW Album Contest 2013

8 tracks - some new, some "revisited" ...screenshots included - for those who may have problems opening the files ;)01 thOke - Rectal Draft.bmw02 thOke - Omegalomania Revisited.bmw03 thOke - Speccy Specs Revisited.bmw04 thOke - Once This Was PT.bmw05 thOke - Nobel Revisited.bmw06 thOke - FTS Revisited.bmw07 thOke - Lew Termen Hi-Jacked.bmw08 thOke…

[Gear Demo] [Buzz] [453.2 KB] [Voted: 4]

Shytan › 500k bmw contest - Electronica Compilation500k bmw contest - Electronica Compilation

My 5 cents for the contest :) Old stuff mostly. Made in Buzz 1.2, so please be prepared for unexpected noise bursts, buggy machines behavior (like TapMan delay clicks) on newer Buzz builds. Sorry, I’m still using this fossil :D

[Electronica] [Buzz] [58.9 KB] [Voted: 3]

Magmavander › 500kb BMW Contest - Ferrari not allowed.zip500kb BMW Contest - Ferrari not allowed.zip

The 500k BMW Summer Solstice Contest zip album :)  3 older songs remixed and polished and 3 new songs. Didn’t have very much time but well, I’m quite happy. This album has a REAL BUZZ COLOR :D

[Pop] [unknown] [78.9 KB] [Voted: 8]

Vacuum › 500kb Contest by Vacuum500kb Contest by Vacuum

…I realise I didn’t save as bmw, and also the second track doesn't load correctly, I don’t know why?First get some more beer, but wanted to get this done, to be not too late to participate. 500k BMW Summer Solstice Contest

[Gear Demo] [Buzz] [100.9 KB] [Voted: 4]


  • Great tunes. Welcome to the resource!
  • Yeah! Thanks Eracilon Thanks for the special page Shytan. 
    PS : The 'Check out the OGG/MP3 version' link doesnt work atm.
  • It works actually. Please clean the browser’s cache. 
  • Oh yeah! Works great now (I like how it opens after clicking on the link). Thanks Shytan!!
  • Admin
    Five submissions — not bad for a start. Thank you, everyone! Voting will be added shortly (today with all the luck). 
  • That's cool!! The 5 albums all together are less than 1 mb!!! 
    About vote, wouldn't it be interesting to add a 'technical' vote for the technical interest of the bmw  in addition of the 'artistical' note ? Well if it's not too much work.
    Thanks for the work Shytan, you're the King
    Thanks to the buzzers's involved.
    I will comment all the albums very soon as tomorrow my older daughter get married
    Seems next contest will be "samples only". I think there will be a lot more buzzers involved...

  • Its amazing how little space all the albums take! I've commented on some already and will comment the rest later. Thanks!
  • Admin
    We got our final participant almost missing the deadline! No submissions are accepted for the current contest, but we have voting now. It’s quite primitive  — one can either vote or not vote. 

    To make things worse, I forgot to block the ability to vote for more than one submission. But hey, it’ supposed to be fair play, isn’t it?! Only registered users are allowed, of course.
  • Interesting first contest here at buzztunes. Hope to see more soon. Thx admin for making it available here.
  • I just copy and paste myself :
    ""It was a great contest, really. Not very much people but I agree that an album was a bit much. Anyway the result is excellent and created in many different ways. All these bmw show the buzz power and it’s incredible versatility. "
  • PS : thanks you and see you next one!
  • Well, as I see it, the voting should last till the end of this week, then we shall name the contest winner and… move on to the next contest
  • Thanks for setting up this contest page! The way everything's laid out is really superb. This made it easy for me to listen to everything at work, while I was away from buzz.
  • Thanks szaszhareen! See you next contest