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"Studio16" is the name of a night club here where I live. I wanted to do something that sounded 'cool' The quality of the audio is not perfect but still quite enjoyable.

As usually I am a paranoid when mixing so if you can say me the overall impression of the mix I could stay more relaxed!

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  • I can't forget to give credits to batchku for his great collection of recorded vocal syllables:
  • molto bene! very good, I like it!
  • Very groovin and danceable. However I don't like the distortion in the bass. Some ppl like it dirty so disregard if you like it that way. I think some of it is digital overage above 0db. If you send me a copy of the mp3 that is quiet I could do a quick hard limit master for you. Otherwise I really love this track and I would mix it into a set in the future if we could correct some of the distortion.
  • disregard what I just said about the distortion. It's these damned speakers here at work that suck not your track!
  • Hahahaha ok Zaph... In fact there's a good limiter used in this track If you want a higher q mp3 (remove spaces from the url as usually): Thank you all for your feedback!
  • Very 80's sounding. Well done, sounds good. Cool bassline, I would push it more in front as it sounds to me like the basis of the song.
  • Ciao Flos, come stau ehm, come stai? (A funny typing error, fits the season, 'cause a Stau is the german word for a traffic jam ) Well, I'm amazed by the sound quality you reached, audacity and all analyzers say your track is clipping! BUT nobody can hear it! Exactly the way modern metal tracks seem to be mastered. A fine work imo ...
  • BHS
    Very good Flos, the eq and sound is so energic. Well done.
  • Cool track with very good sound. I just find the filtered leady chords in the beginning a bit too repetitive.
  • [anonymous]
    Thanks for the quality of your replies.... I'd never imagined Buzztler would have used Audacity lol... Anyway I am just back from Budapest (amazing place, btw) so sorry for my delayed reply. This was really a nice and productive Easter THANKS! Just a note: I didn't use a mastering eq (I supposed it was too heavy on cpu), just comp + limiter... and eqs on the single tracks.
  • flos
    well.. that comment was mine heh...
  • Buzztler
    Hi Flos, Buzztler uses a whole bunch of analyzer tools and for clipping search he still uses audacity and the sonic visualizer and other stuff
  • Truly a dancefloor filler! Nice work
  • householders…
    I need to hear exactly what Hugo can do with this
  • vaisnava
    Hey man, i feel like a problem that a lot of "buzzers" have including myself is static volume. I feel like your lead or backing synths had this as well. In order for things to sound more natural its nice to change something about them over time... an easy one is volume. This is just me though and i could be totally wrong. The quality of the mix is great except that factor. I think dynamics has to do less with compression and more with the evolution of the sounds and song structure... like changes in volume. Just my thoughts... truly enjoyed the listen though, but a bit on the thin side.
  • afie insurance
    I'm happy you said that post... Phil