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Trashy. This track starts off pretty good but falls apart not too long after that. Aside from the first part I find the mixing unpleasant, but I'd rather work on a new song now. heh. Just thought I'd share though, as I typically don't distribute stuff this tossed together - Perhaps for good reason - but I think this track is interesting enough. :P At least I was able to use this talkbox for once.
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  • i'm missing a part in the frequency spectrum in the first part, and just when i thought "cowbell", there it was. but the song doesn't need a nice little *tinc*, but a big bad *blang* in a harder, non-latin rhythm.
  • The funny thing is hamst3r, I can actually imagine this song being one of the soundtracks for HalfLife 2 episode 2 where Gordon Freeman is in the opening countryside fighting off striders and other combine forces while navagating in his jeep. I'm not to keen on the distorted bits at the beginning and the middle though. It's worth re-mastering and improving because this track could get u a lot of attention. Some good ideas here.
  • Does sound very fps game soundtrack. Some cool sounds here
  • I agree with DJ DaveyJones about HL2 soundtrack. Great stuff! Sharp, dirty, bassy and distorted in all possible ways. But when the song started I thought at first it was some kind of corrupt file I downloaded.
  • Great track.
  • I love this kind of rough edged material. very nice work
  • Wow! Sculpted with a razor At the moment I have crappy cheap mp3 player headphones so difficult for me to comment the sound. I liked a lot the atmosphere and the groove. Missed a guitar solo Maybe the bass could be more present, larger ? Enjoyed, thanks!