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Hi folks,a buzz tune from me using a "infector-quartet" and the nice zephod FatBob chorus in each of them. Hopfully nobody is annoyed by the title in these special times. Not ready yet. Tell me if there is too much sub bass. Have headphones only these days. Drums are the same as in my last Christmas song by the way.
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  • ya ya ya ya I like it
  • The bass is ok for me. I have a Cowin E7 headphone. No sound problem apart a little bit of distortion. But maybe that comes from another sound overlapping frequencies.Very interesting song, I like the a lot the soundtrack feel. Love the arped bass. And yes now I sing YaYaYaYa
  • Thank you both. Hey @mag, I put a bit distortion to the bass (Jeskola bass) to bring it up into foreground a bit, cause its very much sub bass, less higher bass frequencies. Perhaps some bass enhancer is the better choice? What do you think?
  • The bass is ok, I think it's more a problem of fight between different frequencies from different instruments. EQ is always difficult to tweak. Often its two same frequencies that gives this sensation, like the classic bass/bass drum, they share same freqs and the addition of the two (or more) same freqs gives a sound that can be distorded or saturated, or like listening thru cotton or blurred. Try to use Voxengo AnSpec vst (free) to see visualy freqs.
  • yes, its a bit packed in lower range, the infectors have a lot of power in the low frequencies, I check this out, thanx.