On du melebe

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Ok - inspired by "snippets" recent uploads I upload one of my rather classical wip songs. I always have to think to Ennio Morricone, cause he died unfortunately when I was working at it. Great loss.
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  • great !!I would like to add some drums and so on, here, like it
  • Reminds me a lot "Acoustic Africa" really !from sound cloud.
  • :;
  • Cool you like it, thanx, wasn't sure about that. I uploaded the bmx. I am looking forward for your version if you want to .... Yes, it reminds to acoustic Africa, probably I used similar instruments, flute and guitar, piano latter is a different one, from quite music. great peace of vst.
  • "quiet" music of course, sorry, and orchetral strings https://ibb.co/cNk1pSb
  • Mysterious and non-trivial mood in yur track. Keep up great work
  • Thank you very much snippets, for your nice feedback.
  • Very Nice!Peace and tranquillity, thanks, it's beautiful.
  • Very kind, vacuum, thank you for your nice words.
  • Very good,  very relaxing. 
  • Hey MrDadrox, thank you very much.  PS Do you catch good fishes (avatar)?
  • I haven't been fishing for almost a year.   Been too busy with my work.