When you know that summer's over

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Bossa Nova
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  • ionisaattor
    Totally awesome, listened this twice already.
  • oye, senorita! mi amor, siempre. te quiero... =)
  • Sixafterseven
    I love the darker feel. It makes me imagine led green computer monitors but at the same time it has a punchy up to date aspect. It sounds pretty clear and crisp. Maybe the vocal could have a pinch less reverb. Other than that I like it.
  • Sixafterseven
    Mozilla tabs screwed me up. I meant that last comment for hirogenium p'n'r'n'b (beta).. Here is what I thought about when you know that summer's over. I think it nice and mellow. It suits the genre perfect IMO. The shaker sounds nice as well. The drum samples as a whole are nicely blended. I like the Uke or Guitar sound and the sounds/effects toward the end of the track.
  • Wow! Superb song. I like the feel. Really end of summer The sound is excellent, very dynamic. I'd like to know more about your setup. Did you use vst or samples ? Thanks anyway
  • BHS
    Really amazing sound and deep feeling here. Guitar and Bass are at the best. Maybe some improvements on the drum sound are yet possible. As Magma say , can you tell us more about stuff used, and how you have recorded live guitar (and bass also ?). My compliments.
  • Thanks for nice words and for the vote! It's appreciated a lot (even more as you are great and active buzzers). Also thanks for your interest in the way it's been done. My gear is now on my profile pic – it makes itself clear enough 'how' and 'what's important' I record the guitar tunes on audacity while drums playing from buzz (also bass guitar which is made with ordinary guitar played through effect box with setting minus12 on the pitch shifter), thanks to direct cable from effect box to pc (line in) I obtain guitar only – so I've got samples now (in this song they are 5-23sec. long). All tunes but drums are performed live by myself. Now in Buzz I don't do very much with them really, the chain is like MatildeTracker-JoachimsLimiter-master or MatildeTracker-some compressor and DolbyPrologic-master. As this song is unusuall for me (I like dark and sinister tunes in fact) it's been done like this, but don't get me wrong – in fact I don't appreciate more live sounds just coz they are live, the sound itself counts – doesn't matter either it comes from metal string or microchip. Thanks
  • BHS
    Thanks for the explanation. The use of live instruments is always very interesting.
  • Shytan
    Impressive! Great instrumental work!
  • [anonymous]
    arriba culo