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A friend of mine asked me if I could do the music for a ice-hockey-video, which she was doing for her studies. Of course I did, and I took "Groove one" as a template and created this one.
I don't know if she'll upload this video once, but it fits really nice togehter
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  • Some parts of the song the resonance on the guitar lead get kind of overly distorted. Only like twice though. Pretty groovy. I like the chopping or retrigger toward the end.
  • Awesome DnB trak!!!
  • oh no liz, that's no good. it's..... AMAZING!! astonishing lead sound
  • Lizard
    Thank you very much guys! (which of course includes LigaM)
  • BHS
    Greats ideas and mix/mastering at high level from you . Lizard you have got enviable capacities. Bravo. ... and if the video will be uploaded tell us where to watch it.
  • Lizard
    Thank you, Paolo (Have I written your name right?) ... of course I'll tell you!
  • BHS
    Yes, the name is right. Paolo.
  • Liz you really have yur own style of Dnb here. I enjoyed the higher parts with the dreamy ambience. I'm not a good judge of DnB but I know good music when I hear it.
  • 2 fix rez on guitars just use a paraeq and drop your freq a little at aroud 450 hz to 600hz. Dont take out too much or you will thin out the signal. But do not change the sound it will change your harmonics inside your distortion effect. I likes it the way it sounds.
  • mag
    Cool, I liked much the sub bass. Good DnB song, sometimes I feel the drums (snare ?) takes too much place...
  • Lizard
    Thanks, Zaphoid and Mag! I'll try those little changes out.
  • Amazing tune. I do not understand in DnB, but this one is excellent! A lot of melodic musical elements witch i like much. Today it is a 'tune of the day' .