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Hey guys. Expect something pretty cool and original. Imo it's my best track for long time btw: juntos is spanish for "together".
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  • A very good work. I like the melody and your style Thanks.

  • Love those detuned synth riffs that swing around the funky beat.  Very dynamic.  Has a wonderful subtle drop into a heavenly melody.  Pro sound.  Only one note bothers me in the higher bassline.  Maybe it's because its a 5th.  Anyway its awesome!! solid 9 here . 
  • Thank you, you both! ...yah it's all fiths played by this bassline. I'm not anymore obejective consindering those notes, so used to it already
  • Drivin' and energetic and.. ugh .. long trip! Very nice endeed! 9
  • Thanks
  • BHS
    Hi Lizard !
    Your talent and your taste are at pro level here.
    Really my best compliments, a wonderfull composition.
    Now the criticism:
    If i can suggest to you try this thing: open the OGG with Audacity and set to on the "Show clipping" , you can see an heavy amount of clipped wave.
    Another thing is that listening many times this your track and I have found that there is something that disturb , a sort of tiny and repeated "tick", a little noise.
    Always with Audacity i have found many tick/drop in audio file. Maybe there is something wrong with the conversion in ogg files.
    Listening even more in detail it seems that the noise comes out with the hi-hats of the drum part or with an additional percussions mixed with the hi-hats.
    Sorry if i am so meticulous but when listening an awesome track like this one my attention for the detail is pushed to the max.
    Maybe this is only a sort of big admiration for your tracks.
    Anyway ... BRAVO ... Really !
  • At first I didn't like the snare, but got used to it while listening. Overall a very good track, main melody is catchy and the mix is loud and clear. Thanks.
  • Hey Paolo. Thank you very much. I know which little tick-noise you mean. It was caused by the bassdrum. The wavesample level didn't stop at zero, which caused a click at the ending of the bd. Now solved the problem by fading out the last microseconds. About the clipping: Yah, I know. It's the same for the wave-file. But is it bad? I cannot hear clicks there, i just see and read "clip"...

  • BHS
    Hi Lizard, i am glad that finally you have found the problem of tick-noise (i was worried that this thing was only a joke of my fantasy !!).
    About peaks/clips don't worry, I have done further investigation and what Audacity shows is simple that in that point the signal reach the max value (-32765 or +32765). There aren't consecutive clipped samples in the track.
    If you can , try to upload the version with corrected bassdrum.
    Great work as always from you.
  • Hey Paolo.   I finally managed to record a new take. I uploaded it on my homepage.

  • Scenesat radio got me here! Great track man! Sleek and to the point!

    Had to download it, think it will be suitable in my training/running playlists.